Blueprint Weight Loss Program

What's Included in the program?

  • 1 hour Nutrition Consultation

  • Two 7-Day Meal Plans packed full of nutrient dense foods to keep you fueled during your weight loss journey. These plans combined with my daily instructions will take all guesswork out of eating and let you focus on losing weight and eating right.

  • 30 Day Blueprint Program. Daily emails will guide you step-by-step through the program with instructions, challenges, motivation and strategies to keep you moving and seeing results

  • Program Booklet & Worksheets

  • Exercise Recommendations

  • Ongoing Support via email and phone

  • Follow up Appointment

Cost: $549 + gst

*option to add follow up appointments or more meal plans


What Makes Our Program a Success?

Results Based.  The Blueprint program is based on past clients results. I created this program after 10 years of seeing thousands of clients and putting my fingerprint on over 10,000 meal plans/diets.

Complete Program. We incorporate and teach principles and strategies other diets and programs don't. Principles and strategies that are essential to long-term success.

Delivery. You are guided step by step through the program. You will be making significant changes, daily. We don't believe in dumping a bunch of information in your lap, handing you a resource and sending you on your way to figure out the next steps and how to incorporate these changes into your life. This approach is like giving someone the ingredients on how to make a dish and not telling them the measurements, oven temperature and how long to cook it for. 

Client Focused. We have separate programs for Men and Women. We can incorporate the dietary needs of Heart Health, Diabetes or IBS into your weight loss program. Every individual is unique and everyone has unique nutritional needs. 

Momentum & Confidence. We help you build momentum throughout the program so by the end you can keep it going. 

*"I had to weigh twice this morning - I couldn't believe my eyes - I lost another 8 pounds this week!!! That's a total of 16 pounds in two weeks. I am totally committed to this program "

- Jan Q.*