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Welcome to Dani Health & Nutrition,

If you want to lose weight, have more energy, feel healthy, fit and confident, we can help! If you want to eat good food and don't want to feel stressed over food we can help! 

Our 30-Day programs will teach you, motivate you, change your habits, help you lose weight, and get healthier!

Blueprint Programs include:

  • Personal Nutrition Consultation - 1 hour appointment, in office or by skype/phone
  • Daily Email Messages will guide you step-by-step through the program with instructions, challenges, motivation and strategies to keep you moving and seeing results
  • Two 7-Day Meal Plans packed full of nutrient dense foods to keep you fueled during your weight loss journey.  These plans combined with my daily instructions will take all guesswork out of eating and let you focus on losing weight and eating well.
  • Program Booklet & Worksheets
  • Exercise Recommendations

Program Cost: $529
*Registered Dietitian Services are covered by many Extended Health Plans  

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Call or Email to Book an Appointment:

Victoria Office:
1321 Blanshard St. Suite 301 (Regus)
Phone:  250-590-6382

Vancouver Office:

885 West Georgia St. Suite 1500
Phone: 1-855-488-3895

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