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Welcome to Dani Health & Nutrition,

You have goals, you want to lose weight, you want energy. You want to feel healthy, fit and confident. You want real food, you want to live well and you don't want to feel stressed over food.  We can help.

The programs and the meal plans we've crafted focus on what you want and what your body needs to achieve it. 

Some highlights of our programs: 

  • 7-day meal plans designed for you at your optimal calorie and nutrient levels
  • Learn how to eat healthy.  Your meal plans will tell you what foods to eat and how much you need to lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.
  • Balance your blood sugars and speed weight loss
  • Learn to listen to your body and hunger cues
  • Prepare and eat simple, delicious, meals and snacks
  • Eat real food
  • Increase your metabolism 
  • Gain confidence 
  • Get results

Over the 30 days of your program, we will teach you, motivate you, change your habits, help you lose weight, and get healthier!

Let's do this, together! 

Danielle Van Schaick, Founder/Registered Dietitian 

Book an Appointment. Registered Dietitians & Nutritionists

Phone:  250-590-6382   1-855-488-3895

Email: or Book Online,


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Blueprint Weight Loss Program

IBS/Low FODMAP Program

A few testimonials...

"I came to see you back in late March and I did (and still do) your Blueprint program. I wanted to let you know that I have literally lost 20 lbs in the process, am fitting into high school sized jeans, and I’ve been recommending you to everyone at work who have been commenting on how I “look great.”  Thanks so much! I am so happy I did this." - Katie R.*

"You have changed my life.  My IBS was controlling my life, but you helped to change all that and I lost 50 lbs in the process. Everything has been great for over a year; I’m feeling good and looking fine." - Brian T.*

"I just wanted to let you know that I am more than pleased with the program so far. I have fun learning how to cook and the exercise routine is really not difficult to follow. I have lost 3 pounds this week and I feel very energized for the first time in a year!!!" *

"For the good news - I'm down 10.8 pounds! Tomorrow's weigh-in day but I couldn't wait. Last week's loss was 8, and this week was 2.8. I'm just off to get groceries & do food prep. I can't wait to see what this week brings." *

"A sure fire way to succeed for me. I am starting to feel my clothes loosen and my energy level up. Thank you for your expertise! Best money spent for me in a very long time!!!" - Mandi W.*

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