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Helping Senior Homes and Care Facilities Meet their Residents Needs and Licensing Requirements

  • We are here to help you adhere to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act - Residential Care Regulation set forth by British Columbian Law. 

  • We do all of our Assessment, Nutrition Care Plans and Menu Reviews as Contract Dietitians 

  • All of our services are conducted by Tele-Dietitian (via Phone, Email, FaceTime or Skype)

  • Save your facility time and money only contracting a Dietitian when required. We aim to do everything as efficient as possible to keep your facility running smoothly and adhere to Licensing Requirements.

Services we provide:

1. Care plans (Ongoing if required)

  • Develop a nutrition care plan for each resident.

  • Review nutrition care plan 12 weeks after admission or more often as needed. 

  • Revise nutrition care plan in response to changes in a resident’s needs.

2. Menu Analysis

  • Ensure that meals and snacks meet the requirements of the most recent edition of Canada’s Food Guide; and as much as possible take into consideration the resident’s dining and food preferences, religious and cultural customs.

3. Menu Review and Adjustment

  • Collaborate with the food services coordinator as required

  • Conduct nutrient analysis of menu items as needed.

  • Assist the Food Services Manager in the development and analysis of seasonal menus when requested.

  • Assist the Food Services Manager in establishing menu substitutions and nutritional equivalents when requested.

How it works:

Step 1:
  Email or call us to set up a free phone consultation. We will talk about your facilities needs, explain booking and pricing.

Step 2: All Registered Dietitian Services (Assessments, Care Plans, Menu Review and Adjustments) are conducted by phone, email, facetime or skype.

Step 3: Assessments and Care plans are complete within 48 hours and will be sent to you via email, fax or Registered mail.

Step 4: Ongoing follow up and revisions to care plans available.

Qualifications & Experience:


Danielle Van Schaick, BASc (AHN), RD
Registered Dietitian

  • Member in good standing with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.

  • Member of Dietitians of Canada

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition

  • Experience working in the Hospital, Senior Care Homes, Community Care and 15 years in clinical private practice

Other Benefits of working with us.

a) Handling and Delivering of Documents

  • Through secured email, fax or drop box

  • Through expedited mail (if working with a paper filing system)

b) Time Saving

  • Assessments by Phone, Facetime or Skype

  • Streamlined Approach

  • Care plans provided within 48 hours

c) Cost Saving

  • Contract a Dietitian on an as needed basis

  • No hiring, HR or employee benefits required

d) We help you Adhere to the following Regulations

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